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Hello! We are Alain & Alyssa Dargham, Owners of Amar Diamonds and Jewelry.

I (Alain) began my journey in the diamond industry.  I've always had a passion for this incredible material, how its formed over millions, if not billions of years under extreme heat and pressure. I'm fascinated by the way a diamond's facets are cut and angled just right to create that beautiful sparkle; and the unique inclusions that add individuality to every one.  In 2013, Alyssa and I got married.  She has always had a passion for fashion and had a great eye for design. At this point we were living in Spain, and one day she decided to design a few simple and delicate pieces of jewelry for herself.  At that time we didn't know much about the process involved in actually creating the pieces. So for our anniversary, I decided to surprise her. I had a friend, who has been in the business for decades handle the process for me. I watched the whole process and really learned a lot from him and became even more fascinated with not only diamonds, but also jewelry making. After moving back to San Diego, the jewelry Alyssa designed gained some attention from our friends and family, who then wanted their own rings made.  So we got to work to learn everything we could. This wasn't an easy process. Unfortunately, we worked with a few jewelers who turned out to be quite dishonest, attempting to take advantage of us and cheat us. This taught us some valuable lessons. Through those difficulties, we realized that there are a lot of shortcuts one COULD take when it comes to diamonds and jewelry-making.  And what a gem (pun intended) it would be to be able to provide quality pieces and honest interaction. We took matters into our own hands and searched for casters, setters, and jewelers that cared about quality and honesty as much as we do. We assembled our dream team and the rest is history. We are so proud of the jewelry we create, and others seem to be, too. . We have created amazing jewelry for music artists and athletes, and have had customers from Canada, Portugal, and Spain. We keep our overhead as low as possible, to be able to give the best prices to our customers. Our entire business has been afloat solely through word of mouth, and that's so special to us. We hope to continue to make beautiful, quality jewelry that will last through generations.




Alain & Alyssa Dargham 

Amar Diamonds & Jewelry